Blair Hatred Is Easy To Understand

To The Independent:


John Rentoul’s simplistic and blinkered attempt to analyse the British public’s hatred of Tony Blair misses out one huge collection of people from his extensive list of caricatures: those ordinary, non-political people who knew the conflict was wrong, misguided and corrupt from the point if its conception and kept to that view.

Those of us with functioning brain stems who knew the whole WMD story was ridiculous, who objected to being lied to about it and who marched in our hundreds and hundreds of thousands were ignored and dismissed as idiots & loonies. The trouble is, we were right, and remain right to this day.

Making a public spectacle of ourselves is not something that comes naturally to us – we prefer to leave that sort of thing to motor-gob students and people with a lot of free time on their hands. We did not, in general, start to support the war once it started – it is very possible to vigorously support our armed forces while being bitterly opposed to the conflict they have been sent to – and we are certainly not using any resultant guilt as an excuse to hate Blair.

We were lied to, our armed forces were misused as political cannon fodder and over a hundred thousand innocent civilians have died, and we resent it.

It is a shame that the hypothetical “open mind” that Blair’s biographer Mr Rentoul so desperately wants to see wasn’t occupying 10 Downing Street at the time this calamitous decision was made. It is almost certain that 7/7 would not have happened if it had.

Paul Harper

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