Science Funding

At the time in 2010 when were the ConDem Coalition were starting to announce where budget cuts were going to be made, the big-spending science projects got their oar in, making a lot of fuss. Letter to The Independent:


There seems to be a lot of fuss being made about possible cuts in science funding, which frankly I don’t understand. We pour millions, if not billions, into pointless “big science” projects like CERN and assorted astronomy efforts – for what? As far as I can tell, the only tangible end result from this is a collection of egotistical scientists who think they’re TV presenters.

The Higgs Boson is going nowhere, nor is the rest of the universe. We can let the boys have their expensive toys when we get other higher priorities properly funded.

Sadly the image of science in this country is discoloured by the likes of Prof. Brian Cox and their rampant television egos. While we have scientists who think dramatic images of themselves are more interesting than the science they purport to be promoting, then they’re on a hiding to nothing. Quite right too. Science needs to grow up and realise it needs to fit in with other priorities.


Paul Harper