Aggressive Atheism

Written to The Independent around the time of the Pope’s visit in 2010 :


With over 50% of British people responding “none” when asked what their religion is, it is understandable that the Pope and other religious leaders are panicking. However, it is spectacularly arrogant of them to assume that it indicates in any way a decline of our moral standards, or a loss of “our heritage”.

What nonsense! It means that over 50% of our population has grown beyond the need for assorted churches’ guidance because we are capable of thinking for ourselves, and we realise that morality is a lot deeper than any holy book written thousands of years ago.

When religious leaders say one thing but do another, then the growth of atheism and lack of faith and trust in religion is totally understandable – predictable, even. Long may it continue.

Paul Harper

It got printed (in the section “Pope in Britain”):

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