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Andrew Marr wrote a piece in the Independent which basically made him seem scared that his prized profession of journalism was under some sort of attack:



Andrew Marr is right that blogging is not to be confused with journalism, but for the wrong reason. The fevered rants from a barely literate minority might cause amusement, but are only considered newsworthy within its own low IQ population. They see themselves as “cyber-warriors” protected by the distance from their target and the anonymity of their logons. As ever there are exceptions -The Huffington Post springs to mind – but they are as easy to find as an eloquent football supporter.

It is the other side of blogging that irritates me. Read almost any ‘celebrity’ Twitter steam and you will find that most of them see it as an extension of the marketing effort for whatever tat they’re peddling this week. Lord (genuflects) Alan Sugar and Stephen Fry are two of the more irritating examples. Every other posting touts some product or other, relying upon an army of mindlessly sycophantic ‘followers’ to pay up and get out.

So no, blogging is not to be confused with journalism. A more apt comparison would be with an out-of-control classroom in a borstal, full of nutters and spivs, where an occasional spray-down from a cold hose does them good. So, well said, Mr. Marr.

Paul Harper

Which they published WITH A CARTOON! :

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