Uterus Pride

Mary-Ann (“MA”) Seghart wrote a piece in the Independent about the issues around decency in politics:


prompting this:


What is it about some of your lady columnists that they see unable to present a position on any topic without bringing gender into it? M A Seighart was doing so well in her piece in yesterday’s Viewspaper about the possible return of decency in politics when, at the very last hurdle, she derailed the whole thing by bringing up a gross generalisation about what women think as though they were some sort of Borg hive-mind of automatons.

This managed to turn a fair and balanced piece on politics in general into an implied rant about how badly men behave. While I agree with the central premise that sexism is a bad thing, it is never going to be defeated by being equally sexist.

Stridency and brow-beating are deeply unattractive qualities. Far better to lead, and teach, by example.

Paul Harper