Robert Peston

Robert Peston, the BBC’s economics editor is one of my favourite hate figures. I had enough one afternoon when I read a piece by him and felt I had to reply in the comments:

Is there, PLEASE!, the remotest possibility of you filing a piece totally free of first-person pronouns? There is nobody as bad as you at littering their work with “I”, “me” and the like. It is seriously off-putting when two of the first six words in a report are “I”, and they form an almost impenetrable barrier to taking anything else in the piece seriously. Your desire to be seen as being at the centre of changing events is understandable, but you really need to resist the temptation to give the impression that events actually revolve around you, like some sort of journalistic black hole at the centre of the galaxy.

Which the BBC shortly thereafter removed, sending me the email:

> Dear BBC blog contributor,
> Thank you for contributing to a BBC blog. Unfortunately we’ve had to remove your comment below.
> Comments on the BBC blogs may be removed if they are considered likely to provoke, attack or offend others, use swear words, or disrupt the message boards. For more information, please visit
> Please note that anyone who seriously or repeatedly breaks the House Rules may have action taken against their account.
> Please do not reply to this email. For information on appeals visit
> Regards,
> BBC Central Communities team

Which I responded with:


I see no valid reason to reject my blog entry. It uses no bad language, it is non-inflammatory and non-provocative. All it is, is critical of Mr Peston’s writing style. Lest Mr Peston be given the erroneous impression that he has an uncritical audience, please could you at least make sure he has seen the post?


Paul Harper

I didn’t get a reply…

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One Response to Robert Peston

  1. Iain says:

    Ugh, i hate this guy as well… smug, smarmy presenting style on TV. I agree it is about him and how he did BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

    The man drives me batty! Refuse to watch him or read anything written by him.

    I am a bit appalled at the BBC for removing your right to free speech which I doubt broke any of the moderation rules. Maybe an escalation of the complaint???

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