Charity Money Devalued

The Independent had a leading article asking if the move owards earlier and earlier wearing of poppies to commemorate Remembrance Sunday was devaluing it:



I agree totally with your piece questioning whether the extended poppy-wearing season devalues the cause it promotes. But I would go further.

While I support wholeheartedly the work of the Royal British Legion, even if I consider it a form of governmental neglect that their work is necessary, the wearing of poppies, ribbons, wristbands, badges etc. as a result of charitable giving serves only to promote the generosity of the wearer, not the causes they support.

What these icons do is tell the world what a lovely person the giver is. It is a form of self promotion with which I have always even very uncomfortable. There has always been a tradition of discrete charitable giving in this country, and sadly we seem to be moving to a more American model of shouting about it.

That is what devalues the causes. People should give frequently, generously and discretely to charities or not at all.

Paul Harper

It got published:

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