Julie Birchill: Trainee Bitch

The Independent’s columnist Julie Birchill got all snotty about gay men not worshipping her:


Prompting this:


Oh dear oh dear. Young Ms Birchill, in her rant against gay men, takes her usual long blinkered run-up and predictably misses the target by a country mile.

Generally speaking, gay men worship women, especially talented, beautiful ones. Perhaps this is the source of her ire? Chunky, whiny and over-rated ones rarely get a look-in so perhaps she’s feeling left out?

She bemoans the prominence of gay men among women’s fashion designers, hair stylists and the like without pausing in her rant to consider who the customers are. Women. Also, quite by accident, and despite him being misquoted and taken out of context, she actually reinforces what Stephen Fry said about female sexuality, coming across as she did like some frigid matron.

Finally, she queries the popularity of drag artists. That’s easy to answer. They’re bitchier, funnier and usually better singers than most women trying to do the same job. Ms Birchill can only aspire to their standards.

She signs off threatening a bitchfest. Well bring it on, sister. It will be a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

The Gay and Gorgeous Paul Harper

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