Death of AV Support

The Independent’s John Rentoul wrote a piece bemoaning the lack of support for AV:

Prompting this:


John Rentoul’s piece on the drastic reduction in support for voting reform was interesting but didn’t quite hit the nail on the head.

The reason that previously vigorous support for the proposal is withering and dying is the behaviour of the LibDems in the coalition. AV is a mechanism purely designed to give them more MPs. Since they have shown themselves so keen to drop every ethical position they ever held in exchange for some “power”, they have in effect turned a political party into a small collection of warm bodies to be whored out to anyone willing to pay.

The British public are deservedly unimpressed by politicians at the best of times, but when the sewer rats of the BNP are shown to have more moral consistency than the LibDems, then there is no chance of AV being passed.

It is just a shame that the price of moving Nick Clegg some 20 feet diagonally across the floor of the House of Commons is the almost complete dismantling of Britain’s welfare state.

Paul Harper

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