Cenotaph Atrocity

During student protests (or “riots” as the more scared media would have them) a youth was photographed swinging from a union flag on the Cenotaph. The mindless right-wing media immediately equated this to pissing on Maggie’s grave and went apeshit, prompting this:


Last Thursday a rather scruffy-looking drunk or stoned youth was photographed swinging from a piece of cloth in central London. Nobody got hurt and no damage was done. A non-event in every sense of the word.

But because the piece of cloth in question was the Union Flag, and because it was attached to the Cenotaph, all of a sudden the mindless mass media are behaving in *exactly* the same way that the Muslim press reacted to the Danish cartoons depicting their prophet. They all go apeshit and call for the immediate reintroduction of capital punishment as a minimum. The Mail wants hanging, drawing and quartering brought back.

This, to say the least, disappointing. Are our treasured symbols so fragile that they are threatened by a lone chemically-enhanced youth? And what does that say about our maturity over “less developed” races when something so trivial is allowed to wind everybody up?

A truly civilised people would have tutted, raised their collective eyebrows, muttered a well deserved “Prat” at the youth and got on with their lives. We still have some way to go.

Paul Harper

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