Romeo, Romeo, what art thou wearing, Romeo?

GQ Magazine wrote a sycophantic little piece about the Beckham kids being style icons. In an unusual piece of fawning, The Independent picked it up and ran with it:

… prompting this:


So, eight year-old Romeo Beckham is stylish according to GQ magazine. How on Earth did they work that out? The poor kid has all the hallmarks of his father – someone dressed by Posh Spice, a woman notoriously bereft of any sense of class or style. The last stylish thing I saw David wearing was a pair of Calvin’s and nothing else. Everything before or since has made him look like a young girl’s dressing-up toy, including the photo in today’s edition. Sadly, this seems to have been passed down the generations now. Romeo Beckham deserves our sympathy, not our attention.

Paul Harper

Which they published as: