The Planet’s Most Prosperous Third-World Country

In the aftermath of the Tucson shooting, I wrote to the Independent:


In the aftermath of the massacre and attempted political assassination in Arizona at the weekend, I had to sadly smile at the naïveté of the sign imploring “Don’t make this about politics. Republicans and Democrats deplore this kind of hatred and violence”.

That is an ideal to be aspired to, sure, but the reality is that this is *exactly* the kind of thing that Republican leaders and far-right commentators love. They rely upon chaos and fear to keep the unthinking masses obedient and distracted from their corruption and profiteering. They will weep crocodile tears, and wail convincingly, but the reality is that the victims are just acceptable collateral damage in their eyes. The cost of “fighting the good fight” and the losers in what they see as a dog-eat-dog world.

Until sickness like that is rooted out and stopped, the US will never be anything other than the planet’s most prosperous third-world country.

Paul Harper

They published it :

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