Sarah Palin’s Excuse Video

After the massacre in Tuscon in which six people were killed, a US Congresswoman was critically injured by being shot through the head and several other bystanders were also shot, Sarah Palin issued a video saying that her, and other right-wing commentators’ hate-filled rhetoric had nothing to do with it. I wrote to the Independent :


Regarding Sarah Palin’s Video address to the nation about the Tuscon shootings:

Palin makes several assumptions in her video. Firstly and most blatantly, she starts with the assumption that she’s right. That her values in some way reflect the values of the entire country. That she is speaking for all reasonable people everywhere. Clearly this is not the case or the current outpouring of hatred towards her would not be occurring.

Secondly, she assumes that the verb “To Debate” is an irregular construct which goes something like : I debate; we argue because you’re wrong; you yell hate-filled rubbish. Her assumption that when she’s putting gunsights on her opponents’ constituencies, she’s engaging in high-intellect debate about important issues of the day is also demonstrably wrong.

Thirdly, she is utterly shameless about hiding behind her precious icons. She uses “our republic” several times, “our great nation”, “founding fathers”, “constitution”, most amusingly, “Ronald Reagan” and most nauseatingly, “God” as though they were salt and pepper, used to take away the bitter taste of hypocrisy from what she’s saying. Her assumption that hiding behind these false gods will shield her from her culpability in these events is wrong. If anything they highlight her desperation.

Next, she says several times that discussions have been hurtful and personal since the shootings. She fails, of course, to analyse what they were like *before* the shootings, choosing to brush over that. She says she has spent several days reflecting on the events. We know this is a lie, because she has spent several days revising her web site, Facebook page and Twitter history to try to make herself look less responsible. That we wouldn’t notice this is another erroneous assumption on her part, and that she put so much effort into editing things just adds weight to the accusation that she’s part of the problem, not part of the answer.

Finally, she says repeatedly that the events of Saturday were the actions of a lone lunatic and nobody shares any responsibility for his actions. Wrong. Nothing ever happens in isolation. Nothing. It is always necessary to analyse the environment in which events occur if they are to be prevented from happening again. There can be no question that Congresswoman Giffords’ shooting is a political event. Therefore the political environment has to be analysed – an environment where Palin, Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and the other far-right motor gobs play a disproportionately large and vocal par, far out-weighing any positive contribution they might be makingt. The environment where someone kicked out of school for drug use and rejected for military service because of mental issues is able to legally buy a semi-automatic Glock pistol and several 31-round cartridges needs examining and changing.

Palin, in this pathetic piece of revisionist history seeks to remove herself, her fellow commentators and her Tea Party from any blame in setting the scene for this to happen.

Her assumption that we will believe it is the final one that she has wrong.

Paul Harper

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