Warsi’s Misdirected Righteous Indignation

Baroness Warsi, Chair of the Conservative Party bemoaned British attitudes to Muslims, saying that it was considered acceptable dinner table behaviour to show prejudice against them. This was sent to The Independent in response:


With all the predictability of a miserable January morning, Baroness Warsi is once again bemoaning British attitudes to Muslims, claiming now that prejudice against them is seen as acceptable. A claim not short of irony since in a Muslim country she would not be allowed to express her views on the matter.

With the Muslim community’s medieval attitudes to gender equality and gay people, their fierce resistance to integration with their hosts and their ineffectiveness at sorting out their own extremists, I would suggest that Warsi’s righteous indignation should be directed at solving the huge issues within her own community before presuming to criticise the attitudes of others.

When Muslims are more tolerant, more equal and freer than non-Muslims, then she can stand up and complain. Until then, she has much work to do closer to home.

Paul Harper

They didn’t publish it but I had another, more successful, go the following day (see next entry)

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