Naivety Regarding Muslim Issues

Sent to The Independent in response to their leader article here:


Was your leader this morning written by a teenager? I have not read such naivety and desperate political correctness for a long time.

In your mad rush to appease Baroness Warsi’s whining, you ignore any faults on the side of her community. As a gay man, I can assure you that there is plenty of prejudice out there towards me, but I fail to see why when I am considered by the Muslim community as an abomination to be eliminated, I should in any way turn the other cheek to their faults.

Muslim attitudes to gay people like me, to gender equality and to community integration are woefully inadequate. Their lack of control of their extremist elements is pitiful and telling. There will always be tolerance problems here while fundamental issues like these remain unaddressed, even unacknowledged by the likes of Warsi.

The UK is not a Muslim country, and hopefully never will be. The onus is on Muslims to fit in with local customs and standards, not the other way around. There are plenty of Muslim countries in the world if they find our ways unacceptable, and frequent flights to them.

Paul Harper

… and they printed it:

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