Sexism and Guilt

Rant to The Independent in response to this article:


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown manages to provide a whole British Rail’s worth of excuses why feminism isn’t working without actually doing anything useful like provide a solution. She provides a long list of things the Big Bad World is doing wrong to the sisterhood without acknowledging the true source of her bitterness.

Generation after generation of mothers have utterly failed to bring their daughters up to behave in the independent, free-spirited and idealised way that they retrospectively would have wanted. The ire that (to quote the fragrant Yasmin) “grizzled old feminists” point at us men is, in fact, guilt on their part for this failure.

When mothers start to bring their daughters up to know that the latest boy band are just a bunch of vacuous nobodies, that make-up does not need a shovel to be applied properly and that roaming the streets with their friends in an alcoholic haze shouting at anything with testicles that looks like it owns its own property is the last way to gain respect from anyone, THEN they might have a point.

But since none of these behaviours is in decline, might I suggest that they have work to do closer to home before they start attacking the other gender for its attitudes. Otherwise, we men might just reach the conclusion that all this feminist whining is less about a desire for equality and more a complaint about lost youth.

Paul Harper

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