Double Standards on Sexism

Letter to The Guardian (thought I would give The Independent a rest, poor loves!)


I think we can probably all agree that to use the word “girlies” to describe women is patronising, demeaning and wrong. I also think we can probably agree that holding a public event that excludes participants based purely on gender is sexism and is wrong.

Why, then, when Davina McCall posts on Twitter “@ThisisDavina: calling all girlies..come join me on a bike ride for an amazing charity!!! Angie Dowds from BL is coming too!” promoting a “Woman only ride” is there not widespread outrage at the multiple counts of blatant sexism?

Not for the first time, it seems to me to be a case of “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to female sexism against men. If sexism by men is wrong, then sexism by women is too.


Paul Harper.

It’s Not Just Americans That Don’t Get Irony

Letter to the independent in response to whiny letter moaning about Top Gear having a go at Mexicans:


It’s not just Americans who don’t get irony, your correspondents complaining about Top Gear clearly don’t either.

The point being made by the Top Gear presenters was to parody the huge over-reaction by the right-on PC brigade about the removal of the Sky commentators – something mentioned immediately before the Mexico part of the programme.

Those unelected, self-righteous nobodies who would police us all into pale grey avatars of ourselves but who are too dim to know when humour is at their expense really should do what Clarkson et al have done, and get a life. Their whining has cost the Sky people their jobs, but the female assistant referee hasn’t worked since either. Bit of a hollow victory, really.

More power to the Top Gear elbow, I say.

Paul Harper

It got published, if edited without the main point of the letter (that the referee hasn’t worked since). Ah well. It’s never easy being a sage…