Double Standards on Sexism

Letter to The Guardian (thought I would give The Independent a rest, poor loves!)


I think we can probably all agree that to use the word “girlies” to describe women is patronising, demeaning and wrong. I also think we can probably agree that holding a public event that excludes participants based purely on gender is sexism and is wrong.

Why, then, when Davina McCall posts on Twitter “@ThisisDavina: calling all girlies..come join me on a bike ride for an amazing charity!!! Angie Dowds from BL is coming too!” promoting a “Woman only ride” is there not widespread outrage at the multiple counts of blatant sexism?

Not for the first time, it seems to me to be a case of “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to female sexism against men. If sexism by men is wrong, then sexism by women is too.


Paul Harper.

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These posts represent the collected thought of Paul Harper. Usually rants, occasionally lucid, always easily ignored. Read, don't read, your call!

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