Multiculturalism: Long on Excuses, Low on Contributions

Letter to the Independent in response to the whiny letters column saying why Cameron is wrong on multiculturalism:


Taking as a whole your correspondents of today (Letters, 8 Feb), there seem to be all manner of excuses why Cameron is misguided in his speech on the failings of multiculturalism, but there don’t seem to be many positive contributions to the debate. Some seem positively Victorian in their attitudes.

As a Labour Party member, it pains me to admit that Cameron has a point, though in his usual ham-fisted way he has made a mess of putting it over. Who does speak for British people like me who at times feel like a foreigner in their own country? To date, only the far-right nutjobs of the EDL and BNP, and that can’t be right.

Our British tolerance is being taken advantage of and smothered. No mainstream party has ever stood up for modern British values of secularism, equality, non-interference in relationships and the like, and it is about time one did. My own party seems too drowned in desperate political correctness to ever do something so radical, much to my annoyance, and nobody takes the Liberals seriously any more.

Apart from our extensive history of invading other countries, the “British tradition of multiculturalism” has only been around for a few decades. Shining a harsh light on it to examine its weaknesses and failings is long overdue.

Paul Harper

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