Feminism is NOT Equality

Letter to The Independent in response to this article by one of their resident feministas:



Once again, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown seems to be confusing feminism and equality. Her example of the discussion about great interviews did not become sexist until the genders of the subjects was brought up. Until then, by her own admission, the discussion was about interviews and only about interviews.

Suddenly, when someone asks why there were no women interviewers being discussed, there seemed to be a collective self-immolation of guilt that nobody had thought of any so far. Why was that wrong? There is no quota requirement. Interviewing, as she later goes on to explain, is not gender-specific. The criterion was simple – talk about good interviews.

Bringing gender into a gender-irrelevant topic IS sexism, and demanding quotas or inclusion based on gender is going to do for gender equality what apartheid did for race equality.

Paul Harper