Gender Equality: Only Half The Analysis Is Being Done

Letter to the Independent in response to another whiny feminista article. They really should change the record – repeating the same tired old mantra isn’t going to achieve anything until they look at the whole problem:

They won’t publish it – they never do publish anything that speaks against their policies on this topic.


Once again, the topic of gender equality is discussed with great passion by your female correspondents. Once again, only half the analysis is done. Harriet Walker, for example, expands at great length on how women are not taken seriously because too much attention is paid to their bodies and too little to their abilities. This analysis, as far as it goes, is correct. What she rather disingenuously neglects to analyse is WHO is paying women’s bodies all this unwanted attention.

In my experience, if someone like Cheryl Cole went out in public without make-up, without a new hairdo and in an old tracksuit, she would still be considered very attractive by a very large number of men.

Female correspondents, however, would be instantly commenting on how she’d let herself down, wasn’t trying any more and would be speculating on her health, her relationships and all sorts of other irrelevant guff.

Women do not, in general, dress up, get their hair and nails done and take hours over make-up for men’s sake. They do it to impress and/or intimidate other women. Men don’t notice much of these efforts.

To blame men for all of this is unfair. Men may have originally erected the glass ceiling, but it is maintained and strengthened these days by women against other women and until that is admitted and addressed, the ceiling will remain.

Paul Harper

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