Birchill Indecipherable on Diversity

Another pointless missive to the Independent feministas :


It was difficult to tell, among all the first-person pronouns, whether Julie Burchill gets it about diversity or not.

As I see it (oops, a first-person pronoun), the point about the correct approach to diversity is respecting others’ right to choose without being forced to respect their choices.

If young women want to roam the street dressed like cheap whores, that’s their choice. If young men choose to sound like they are from Jamaica despite never having been closer to the Caribbean than the Westfield shopping centre in Hammersmith, that’s their choice. And if Muslim women want to dress up like self-propelled marquees, then again that’s their choice.

We have to respect their right to choose, but we certainly don’t have to respect their choices. A key, and often forgotten difference.

Paul Harper

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