Leona Lewis: Most Influential UK Woman of Last Century



Leona’s a lovely lady. Really nice – kind, gentle, superb singer and all round good person. Honestly – not being sarcastic there, she’s great.

BUT – on the day that is supposed to be “International Uterus Day” (or something like that) a poll in the Metro newspaper came up with her name as the most influential woman of the last century. Not just since the last series of X Factor, but the whole hundred long, conflict-filled years.

Of all the women who have achieved anything of influence in all that time – it’s Leona’s name that bubbles to the top.

Girls. Sit down. Inequality is real. It’s an oppressive, smothering and restricting force that holds back genuine achievement. By all the forces at your disposal it should be opposed.

But when you’re looking for a target to aim at when fighting it, may I suggest that you give us poor boys a rest for a change and look within your own ranks for the brain-dead, puerile, uneducated and unambitious people who think that Leona is a worthy recipient of this title.

You have many hard battles ahead of you in your fight for a level playing field. Most of your opponents are around you. Good luck.