Japan: Nobody’s Panicking Except the Media

Missive to the Independent:


I am getting increasingly irritated at the breathless – almost mindless – TV news coverage we are getting of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. It doesn’t seem to matter how many level-headed nuclear experts the BBC call upon, all of whom are consistent in their appraisals of the lack of a need to panic, they send back reports citing the “panic in the eyes of the people”.

No there isn’t! The Japanese people are being what they always are, calm, upset without being hysterical, and focussed on recovery and rebuilding. The only people running around like headless chickens are our own media people who seem to be hindering things out there rather than helping.

Coverage from the US on Friday was so breathless it was hilarious. “This will be the biggest event to hit the west coast in your lifetime” they repeated hour after hour until the three-foot wave gently washed ashore.

They all need to take a lesson from the Japanese people by getting a grip on reality and calming down.

Paul Harper