Equality or Superiority?

Yet another pointless missive to the Independent feministas. When will I learn that they just bin these things?!


Once again, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is railing against inequality against women and as usual hasn’t quite grasped the problem. Her assertion that women should “fight for their rightful share of the world” misses the important point that she is campaigning for a right that men don’t have. Men don’t have the right to run companies, why should women? When women get their rights artificially boosted by quota systems, will the same quota limits be applied for men who want to work in women-dominated companies? I doubt it.

Achievement these day IS based on ability, merit and the willingness to tolerate disruption to home and social life in the struggle to reach that achievement. It is most certainly not based on pseudo-rights, quotas or gender.

The sooner campaigning feminists (to use Ms Alibhai-Brown’s phrase) realise that men aren’t their enemy and that the issues are more fundamental, then the sooner genuine equality will be achieved.

Paul Harper

Birchill Indecipherable on Diversity

Another pointless missive to the Independent feministas :


It was difficult to tell, among all the first-person pronouns, whether Julie Burchill gets it about diversity or not.

As I see it (oops, a first-person pronoun), the point about the correct approach to diversity is respecting others’ right to choose without being forced to respect their choices.

If young women want to roam the street dressed like cheap whores, that’s their choice. If young men choose to sound like they are from Jamaica despite never having been closer to the Caribbean than the Westfield shopping centre in Hammersmith, that’s their choice. And if Muslim women want to dress up like self-propelled marquees, then again that’s their choice.

We have to respect their right to choose, but we certainly don’t have to respect their choices. A key, and often forgotten difference.

Paul Harper

Nostradamus Predicted the iPad 2

Little whimsy written to The Independent about today’s launch of the iPad2 :


From Nostradamus’ “Les Propheties” chapter 38: “It shall come to pass prior to the Ides of March 2,011 years after The Great Fraud that the prophet Ste. Jobs shall descend from Mount Cupertino bearing a renewed tablet and shall offer the same to the assembled masses below. And there will be a great wailing, for the tablet shall be seen to be little changed from the first. The faithful fanboys near and far shall be distraught for the Almighty shall once again have denied them their retinal display and full HD playback. There will be dark mutterings about version 3 next year and cursings at the false prophet Xoom…”

Paul Harper