Age is No Limiting Factor

Missive sent to the Independent after their leading article:


There is much to admire about the near-transatlantic endeavour of octogenarian Anthony Smith who crossed from the Canaries to the Caribbean on a raft made of pipes – presumably because one made of cigars would have got soggy and sunk.

But for me his greatest achievement is to reassure us armchair generals that at whatever age and whatever dire straits the nation and world have got themselves into, the defining characteristic of a pointless exercise remains its pointlessness.

A latter-day Planks Constant (sic) as it were…

Paul Harper

They won’t publish it, of course!

3D Rejection at Royal Wedding is a Good Thing

To the Independent:


I am very pleased to read in today’s Viewspaper that the application by Sky to have 3D cameras at the royal wedding has been refused. Have you *seen* the conk on the boy? The last thing the British public needs in this time of uncertainty is that thing launching itself out of its televisions. It would scare the servants, as Mr Clegg would undoubtedly say.


Paul Harper