Scotland for the Scots: And Good Riddance!

Response to Sunday Independent piece :


I am an Englishman, and I agree completely with Tim Lott. I am sick to the back teeth of whining Scots expecting the rest of the UK to subsidise their free prescriptions and cheap universities while expecting us to pay for their health, policing and unemployment costs all of which are higher than the national average.

I vigourosly support Scottish independence, especially fiscal independence. Once they get hit by the full cost of running their “country” – including defence and their share of the cost of bailing out the failed Scottish banking institutions RBS and HBOS – then for the first time in many centuries, the smug self-satisfied grins might be wiped off their faces.

Their assumption that the income from North Sea oil and gas (which contrary to popular Scottish opinion does NOT all belong to them) will cover these expenses will also be shown to be a myth and by some considerable margin.

You will not find a stronger supporter of the SNP than me anywhere in the country.

Paul Harper


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