Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t “Get” Tracey Emin?

Letter to the Independent in response to this article: and to the Independent using her twice in two weeks on the cover of their “Viewspaper” section:


With reference to you using her twice in two weeks on the cover of the Viewspaper, and in today’s article inside: Much as I admire her considerable gift for self-promotion, I simply do not understand how Tracey Emin’s output can be considered art. It it almost always unattractive to look at, frequently seeming to have been executed by a talented five year old and any meaning it has appears to be assigned after the event rather than intentionally before work starts.

It is almost as though she does something on a whim, decides she likes it (or can sell it) then decides it’s “art” however shallow and pointless it is.

Kudos to her for fooling some of the people all of the time, but to me it’s just not at all convincing as anything other than a PR and cash-generating exercise.

Paul Harper