Serious newspapers are no place for personal vendettas

Missive sent to the Independent after Julie Birchill spent 80% of her column whining about Lily Allen:


It was unclear today whether the Independent wanted to be taken seriously as a news source.

Julie Birchill’s piece was little more than a childish rant and a continuation of a personal vendetta that has no valid place in the paper. Unamusing and bordering on illiterate, it was so close to the style of Glenda Slagg that I feel royalties may be due to Private Eye.

Birchill may in the eyes of some be a national treasure, but like most national treasures, she would be best left buried if a large enough hole could be found.

Paul Harper

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These posts represent the collected thought of Paul Harper. Usually rants, occasionally lucid, always easily ignored. Read, don't read, your call!

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