Innocent until the media says so?

Andrew Bridgen MP was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and released on bail, but without charge. The same day, the media were happily crucifying him:


Andrew Bridgen may well be a Tory who supports policies that border on the offensive at times, but even far right-wing nut jobs like him deserve to have the benefit of the presumption of innocence unless proven otherwise.

How on earth is this presumption going to work if his name, occupation and photograph are plastered everywhere not just before a trial, but before he has even been charged with any offence?

It is totally unacceptable behaviour on the part of the media and is indicative of the free-falling standards that the press have these days.

I certainly expected better of the Independent, a paper frequently on the correct side of arguments for justice.

Paul Harper


Birchill Foliage

Julie Birchill’s fat, bloated mugshot in the Independent is starting to irritate me:


Julie Birchill might want to consider not shaving for a few days. After all, a beard hides a multitude of chins.

Paul Harper