Brian Haw: Latest ineffective British eccentric?

I was, and remain, vehemently opposed to putting British troops in harm’s way in politically-motivated and unsupported wars. But I have to ask this: Apart from making a mess of a London pavement and smoking himself to death on unfiltered roll-ups, did Brian Haw actually achieve anything beyond self-publicity?

For a decade he sat opposite parliament and shouted at a mostly empty and completely indifferent building. Surely anyone with a modicum of intelligence would have realised by (let’s say) the end of the first year or so that the building wasn’t listening and that to actually achieve anything he would be better advised to try something different?

Or by then had he got comfortable not having to work for a living, surrounded by a small collection of admiring sycophants and the occasional TV crew so that he didn’t feel like a change? That actually achieving his stated objectives would have removed his sole reason for existing? His white heat of righteous indignation may well have disguised a desire for it not to come to an end, like a lot of vocal campaigners who cease to exist without their soapboxes and megaphones.

In the end, like his protest itself, worrying about Haw’s motivation is pointless and achieves nothing. He’ll go down as a minor addition to the long list of ineffective British eccentrics who briefly achieved a small degree of notoriety then passed un-missed into the night.

Rest in peace, Mr Haw. Whoever you were.

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