Leveson Inquiry – Three areas need investigating, not two

It’s about time I had a good rant at the Independent – they’ve had it too quiet for too long!


I very much welcome the inquiry into press behaviour and police corruption, this has been long overdue. But it seems to me to be the height of hypocrisy for politicians not to be independently investigated as well.

For decades the people we trusted to run the country, create our laws and look after our security have been very heavily influenced by the policies of Rupert Murdoch. Policies designed with only two things in mind – the extension of power and influence of Rupert Murdoch, and the increase and protection of his wealth. He’s not the only one, either – Associated Newspapers are almost as bad.

Investigating illegal press activities is good, investigating illegal police activities is very important. But to my mind independent investigation into the corruption of the people running the country is the most vital of all. When will that happen? Saying that things will be different “from now on” is not good enough. We need to know what has gone on in the past as well.

Surely the Leveson inquiry should cover this aspect too?

Paul Harper

It got published with a little editing:


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