Police hacking inquiry: keep a sense of perspective

Letter to the Independent, who are going a bit headless-chicken over the whole hacking affair:


Important as the phone hacking scandal has been, and as much as we’re all having fun watching the Murdoch empire crumble, those who criticise the Metropolitan Police’s handling of the issue should ask themselves an important question before passing judgement:

How many police officers would you like pulled off the street to deal with the inquiry?

The hacking investigation is important, but is it more important than burglaries, muggings, murders or even traffic control? I think not.

This affair is fun to watch, especially the revisionist history that politicians are coming out with, but let’s not lose our sense of perspective here.

Paul Harper

Clare’s Law – Sexist and Incomplete

Moan at the Independent, who also oppose this stupid idea, but on slightly diferent grounds:


Apart from being on very dodgy ground in terms of civil liberties, the proposed “Clare’s Law” which allows women to investigate if their male partner has had a violent past is sexist. Over 15% of reported domestic violence is by women against men, with the actual figure likely to be even higher. Where are the proposals for a national database of violent women?

Either solve the entire problem or don’t bother trying.

Paul Harper