Absentee bosses and efficiency


Susie Rushton’s “Notebook” today really struck a chord with me, having previously worked for nearly 30 years in the London headquarters of ICI. It was very obvious how much smoother departments, and entire businesses, ran when managers were away and people were left to get on with their jobs without unwanted and un-needed interference.

The same applies to the running of the country. It sticks out like a wart on a nose just how much smoother the country runs itself in August when the self-important busybody MPs are all away.

I would even go so far as to suggest that they should work in August when the rest of us are on holiday, then take the rest of the year off, leaving the running of the country to the people who do it best, and do it anyway, the Civil Service.

I think I just cured the UK’s stagnation problem. Next?

Paul Harper

… and bless ’em, they published it almost unedited:

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