When did government supersede parenting?

Another one The Independent isn’t going to print…


Sorry, but no. Mitch Winehouse is getting as irritating as the McCanns. For some reason, a failure in parenting is now seen as a problem that is an issue for the wider population and something that needs solving at a governmental level.


It is time people started taking responsibility for their own lives and for the lives of their own offspring. I don’t care – I really don’t – how popular Ms Winehouse was among those people for whom music is important. Her addiction to drugs and alcohol is an issue that could, and should, have been addressed and resolved at a family level. Retrospective wisdom is as cheap as it is unconvincing.

I am by nature left-leaning, and am a paid-up member of the Labour party, but things like this really should not be something left for society in general to deal with. If it ever gets to that stage then it is a total failure on the parents’ behalf and should be acknowledged as such explicitly.

Paul Harper