Morons exist in offices as well as on the streets

Letter sent to the Guardian:


You tweeted: “@guardian: Help us update our #Londonriots map. Tweet, leave a comment or contact sam.jones [at] with your report”

Really, Guardian? We’ve got brain dead morons in one borough already trying to prove they’re harder than the next borough’s brain dead morons and you want to supply a map for them to stick pins in? It looks like morons exist in offices as well as on the streets.

Totally irresponsible journalism of the type I would expect of the Daily Mail. You should be ashamed.

Paul Harper

Questions on the Tottenham Riots

Letter to the Independent sent after some low-life types took the opportunity to get their 15 seconds of fame by shouting at television cameras after disturbances in Tottenham:


I understand that there have been some disturbances in Tottenham after an armed man who shot at police was killed in return. This does not seem unreasonable to me, but apparently the criminal element in Tottenham disagree.

It seems that the police are currently talking to community representatives. What I want to know is who elects these so-called “community representatives”; do they speak for the entire community or just the subset that matches their skin colour and/or religion to the exclusion of all others; and finally, why do they always seem to do such a crap job?

Or are they, as I suspect, merely self-important unelected motor gobs who contribute nothing to situations that are totally outside of their control?

Paul Harper

Which they published, having substituted “crap” for “poor”…