Media Wallowing in “9/11”

I am looking forward to being in the middle of the Indian Ocean in a few days to get away from all this sycophancy! Rant at the Independent for their week-long wallowing in 9/11 stories. Six pages and more today alone, ferchristsakes!


I notice with considerable disappointment that the Independent has decided to join the ranks of the media engaged in mindless wallowing in commemorating a decade since September 11th.

The media’s approach to this anniversary has been beyond disappointing, it has been nauseating. Turning what might have been a time for dignified reflection on the causes and effects into little more than a race for sensationalist ratings-grabbing “specials” – which being re-hashes of old material are actually nothing of the sort. It is lowest common denominator bottom-feeding journalism feeding off crocodile tears of fake emotion. It is WAY past time to move on from this circus.

All this wallowing cheapens the memories of those who died on the day and the hundreds of thousands who died as a result.

The media should be ashamed of itself.

Paul Harper

They, very surprisingly, published it with few edits: