Scottish independence and “their 9%”


So, Alex Salmond and the SNP want 9% of all UK assets after devolution. No problem, as Scotland is 9% of the UK population.

I assume he’ll be taking only 9% of the UK’s oil, and his 9% share of the UK’s debt as well, then? The latter should be interesting since Scottish GDP is over £1,000 per-head lower than England’s, its per-head social, education and health costs are a lot higher than England’s and they would lose the quite ridiculous Barnett subsidy. I give them a couple of decades before they’re bust under those terms.

Also, since Scotland is over 9% of the UK’s land mass, he’ll need to decide which bits he’s leaving us. But fair’s fair, eh?

Scottish devolution? Can’t wait!

Paul Harper

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One Response to Scottish independence and “their 9%”

  1. Love it! Yes it’s an odd way to form a demand. Take the military assets he wants: if that means 9% go to Scotland, does that mean the UK handing over assets not currently based in Scotland?

    As sound bites go, they could have come up with something more substantial than “give us 9% of all ya got!”

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