Tedious Stephen Lawrence Coverage

Missive at The Independent after multiple-page coverage of the topic in their Sunday. They won’t publish it, of course, same as them never publishing anything questioning their other blinkered campaign, feminism. But at least they’ll read it…


I am a firm believer in equality of all kinds – not least of all because I’m gay, but am I allowed to say that I find the entire Stephen Lawrence fuss incredibly tedious, self-righteous and irritating?

From all the politically-correct media coverage you would have thought that a new messiah had been killed 18 years ago. It was just a murder then and it’s just a murder now. It was a crime and a rather botched investigation, but no more important a murder than the hundreds of others that happened the same year.

The whole media circus, and the accompanying chorus of professional mourners is getting very very boring, almost to McCann levels of tedium.

Paul Harper