BAFTA Rising Stars All-male Shortlst

Rant at the Independent for their headlining of a snotty little piece about the three-person shortlist for the BAFTA award for rising star being all male as “BAFTA snubs women”. As the Independent feministas rule the paper with a rod of iron, it won’t get published.


Oh for God’s sake, will you get a grip! Not everything that happens to be positive for men has to be negative for women! Nobody is “snubbing women” as your headline suggests and your constant and deliberate misinterpretation of such events is becoming very tiresome.

A shortlist of three people has a significant chance of being mono-gender. Would you be headlining a list that happened to be all-female as “snubbing men”, I wonder? We both know the answer to that.

Grow up!

Paul Harper