Independent gets dumped shock horror probe!

Email to The Independent dumping them after more than a decade of regular readership.


With considerable sadness, I have today cancelled my regular order for The Independent.

Over the last few months it has become increasingly negative; moaning and whining about almost everything. The Olympics, HS2, banking reform, anything with a penis and many other areas of life are reported with a cynicism and negativity that never used to be taken.

This is very sad, because The Independent used to be a beacon of caring and forward-looking reporting. It used to campaign on major issues with a view to improving people’s lives and set standards for others to follow.

Now it seems far more interested in following the mindless tabloid herd with an outlook that is very negative, bordering on destructive. Your approach to gender equality is especially negative, and does more harm than good in that area. Your columnists (with the notable exception of MA Seighart who is consistently excellent) are strident to the point where their credibility disappears in their white heat of righteous indignation.

The whole sorry mess just leaves a nasty taste in my mouth in the mornings now, so I have decided to end it.

Paul Harper