Arsecandle and Felch

Comment on the Guardian web site in response to their article:

I couldn’t agree more. A shop that thinks it’s a night club – pitch black with pounding “music”, with vacuous, useless and rude staff and full of self-obsessed nobodies desperate to be seen and heard – two things that are impossible given the light and sound levels. I hate the place with a vengeance. It is not for nothing that it and its adherents, are referred to as “Arsecandle and Felch”.

Catering largely to the downmarket gay male and his faghag female followers, it is unsurprising that it does well. Dedicated followers of label fashion are ten a penny on the streets of London, and A&F have tapped into this in much the same way that Hollister, Hackett and Superdry have started to. It’s lowest-common-denominator retail with spray-on aspiration. As genuine as the fake tans its customers so love.

I’m not surprised Saville Row don’t like it. I don’t like it either.

With all the predictability of a wet English summer’s day, it got to over 55 “recommended” clicks before they deleted it because it “did not comply with house rules”. I am assuming someone looked up “Felch” for them! <grin>