Teaching Coding to Children

Letter to The Observer supporting their campaign to get computer programming, or coding, taught in classrooms:


I agree wholeheartedly with your campaign to get coding taught in classrooms – as a programmer of 35 years’ standing, this is probably unsurprising. However, it has nothing to do with wealth generation or our high-tech industries.

I want to see children taught to code because of the impact it will have on their ability to properly analyse problems and situations. Being able to break down issues into their constituent parts makes them far easier to understand and solve. This is a fundamental part of coding, and is something not taught anywhere else.

Questioning assumptions and deconstructing are vital parts of avoiding being fooled by those who would seek to influence, defraud or profit from us, whether through media ownership, political means or other potentially corrupt mechanisms.

Having a population that is less easily fooled might not suit “those in power” like Murdoch, Dacre, Cameron, Clegg, Livingstone and the like, but society will be much better informed and empowered as a result.

It could even spell the end of Britain’s Got Talent, the X Factor and The Jeremy Kyle Show…


Paul Harper

… which got published:

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