Observer Letter: Half of Hillsborough fatalities could have been avoided

Missive to The Observer in response to them, and others, going all headless chicken over Hillsborough. They won’t publish it, of course.


With reference to your front page item stating that had the emergency services performed better, half the fatalities at Hillsborough might have been avoided.

This may be true, but there’s an elephant in the room that nobody seems to have the courage to point out:

100% of the fatalities could have been avoided if the fans hadn’t crushed each other.

Why, in all this hand-wringing and blame-apportioning, is this simple fundamental truth not being voiced?

Or is it, as usual, a case of always being someone else’s fault?

Paul Harper

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These posts represent the collected thought of Paul Harper. Usually rants, occasionally lucid, always easily ignored. Read, don't read, your call!

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