Journalistic Double Standards

Letters sent to The Independent, The Guardian AND The Evening Standard in response to the gloating taking place in newspapers over the BBC’s statement on the Newsnight programme that senior Tories were implicated in child abuse. No individuals were named, or hinted at. The Independent and Guardian both published it (too early in the day to know if I have the full set!)

UPDATE: Managed to get it in all three papers! See below for individual screenshots…

Here’s the original letter:


It is ridiculous that the Director-General of the BBC has to resign over bad journalism that didn’t in itself do any harm, but the head of News Corp remains determinedly entrenched after criminal journalism that ruined lives.

This is why print media should be held to the same standard as broadcasters, and I hope Leveson takes a strong lead in that direction.

To read the smug, self-satisfied and desperately delusional crowing in newspapers over this affair is bordering on nauseating.

Paul Harper

The Independent published it, unedited as this (click on image to expand):

… while the Guardian didn’t seem to like the last paragraph, and published this (click on image to expand):

Finally, London’s Evening Standard shortened it the most: