Janet Street Porter describes something as “All Surface”

Janet Street Porter, one of the most irritating people on a planet that includes Donald Trump, gets on my tits again…


The Independent on Sunday has, I feel, always tried to set new records in its reporting. Today it achieved it.

Janet Street Porter, one of the most trivial and inconsequential people in media for the last several decades, has set a new record in irony by describing The Hour as “all surface”.

How the woman who brought us topless darts, bikini-clad weather forecasters and the News Bunny can have the nerve to criticise a programme’s lack of depth without spontaneously combusting is quite beyond my understanding.

Paul Harper

Journalists Don’t Get Irony, Shock Horror Probe

Rant at the Independent about lazy journalists. I doubt they’ll publish it…


Oh for Christ’ sake! On Friday, after the unwanted PCC elections, we get a few vox pops on TV of people who didn’t vote saying it was because they were more interested in watching I’m a Celebrity. Now we’ve got the Sunday rags bemoaning the fact that our electorate is more interested in television reality shows than voting.

Apparently it’s not just America that doesn’t get irony, it’s our thick-as-shit Sunday newspapers too.

A member of the British public saying “I’m more interested in watching Celebrity” translates directly into “If you up-yourself journalists can’t figure out why we’re not voting, then you’re even more stupid than I’d thought, and I’m not doing your job for you”.

Paul Harper