Birchill & Street Porter – Shootings in School are not Freedom of Expression

After Janet Street Porter defended fellow harridan Julie Birchill in the Sunday Independent, the following was sent to both Independent titles:


Not for the first time, the Sunday Independent’s Janet Street Porter doesn’t see the wood because the trees get in the way.

Julie Birchill’s hate-filed rant in the Observer two weekends ago is to freedom of expression in exactly the same way that automatic assault rifles are to the second amendment.

Birchill used a national newspaper column and international web site to attack those defending themselves on Twitter. In no way were these equal means of expression. She, in essence, nuked them. Which was her intention.

In an equal argument, worries over freedom of speech become valid.

This was not an equal argument, and I am disappointed that neither Independent title seems to recognise that.

Paul Harper

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