Gay marriage – the smoke-free smokescreen

I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry… Having killed and even reversed growth in GDP and massively increased our national debt, the Coalition of the Clueless look for something to distract us proles from their piss-poor performance.

So they pick on gay marriage. That’s a nice diversion, isnt it? Keep us poofs and assorted right-thinkers happy for a bit, no? Stop them thinking about us?

Only to have it totally blow up in their faces by exposing the bigoted hatred that runs deep among fundamentalist Conservatives – the sort of people who haven’t trusted government since that silly racial equality business, and are still a bit uncomfortable about the ban on slavery.

The media is quite rightly spotlighting this and giving these nutjobs all the publicity they want, and its wonderful to watch. Poor old Dave must be wondering what on Earth he has to do to get a success these days.

Anything, just one little triumph, and he’d be happy. But no. Even when he’s doing the right thing, he’s made to look like the leader of a bunch of total cretins.

Still, as a gay guy who hates being treated as a second-class citizen, I will take today’s vote for what it is and be grateful.

Watching the Conservatives dry butt-fuck themselves is a bonus…