Women Think, Men Do

A whinge in response to Deborah Ross’s piece in today’s Independent: http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/if-you-ask-me-dont-knock-a-man-who-falls-asleep-in-front-of-the-tv-and-then-denies-it-8662277.html


Deborah Ross has (unwittingly, of course) highlighted a problem with equality during her sexist rant about men.

She said “men have been cruis­ing along while women have, for the past cen­tury, put in se­ri­ous work thinking about what it means to be a woman”.

In other words, men have been doing stuff – like asserting themselves, grabbing power and generally running the world – while women have been navel-gazing.

One of these days the feminists are going to wake up and realise that the world owes them nothing if they’re not willing to assert themselves and take it. Then, and only then, will equality be achieved.

So please, stop the noisome whining, stop the pathetic “funny” parodies and stop expecting to be given power – get off your arses and take it, like we did. As long as such behaviour is classified by women as “male” then the women have lost before they start.

Stop thinking, start doing.

Paul Harper