Stephen Lawrence hype is so disrespectful

Whine at the Evening Standard about the never-ending flow of Stephen Lawrence bullshit:


Over the last twenty years, it seem to me that the one person most forgotten in the Stephen Lawrence murder is the victim himself, with so many ’causes’ being attached to the event.

To be fair, the greatest source of that has been his publicity-loving family who won’t get off their bandwagon. He’d be able to rest in peace if they’d shut up about it for a while. The whole thing is tedious beyond bearing.

And all this fuss about the Met investigating friends and family after his killing… So what? Most murders of young black men in this country are drug and/or criminal gang related. In most of those instances, friends and family are usually involved. Not only is the intensive investigation of such people necessary, I would say the police were negligent if they failed to carry out those investigations.

The Stephen Lawrence murder was a tragedy for his family and a matter for local police to solve. It was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a matter of national importance and the media should stop hyping it up as such.

Paul Harper

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